🎉 Node-RED 4.0.1 released

We've just published Node-RED 4.0.1 which rolls up some fixes for issues identified since 4.0 was released last week.

  • Config node selection being 'forgotten' if set to 'none' - and resetting back to first in the list
  • HTTP Request node - handle proxy configuration for both http and https
  • HTTP Request node - remove the default user-agent header that was accidentally added..
  • Subflow Instances unable to set Credential property
  • Add option to Join node to ignore incoming msg.parts property

This last items needs a little more explanation.

Very early in the 4.0 development cycle, an issue was raised where the Join node, in manual mode, was behaving unexpectedly. This was diagnosed as being due to the fact it was receiving a message with the msg.parts property - which is what it uses in the 'auto' join mode. The decision was made that when in manual mode, the node should just ignore that property. This change was merged back in November.

When it came to putting the beta releases together, I overlooked this change and failed to highlight its significance as a change in behaviour. Unfortunately, it's one of the issues that despite the prolonged beta period, it only became evident after the final release that this change was more disruptive than anticipated.

With this release, we've now added an option to the Join node to ignore msg.parts. Any existing flow will default to not ignoring it (the existing 3.x behaviour). New instances of the node will default to ignoring it (the technically more correct behaviour) - but the checkbox can be unticked if you have a flow that needs to use it.

Moving forward, we will look at how to avoid changes like this slipping through without being better highlighted - as well as more careful consideration of if/when a breaking change is truly necessary.

A final note - some have noticed we aren't providing ARMv6/ARMv7 docker builds currently. We've been having some problems getting them to build reliable with Node 20. @hardillb is investigating options and we will hopefully be able to restore them in the near future. Follow this issue for any news: The newest latest didn't support linux/arm/v7 architecture · Issue #439 · node-red/node-red-docker · GitHub

Full changelog for 4.0.1 on github: