Node-RED and Apache Thrift

I want to use Node-RED for implementing a client that use thrift to communicate with a .Net Server. I have .Net Client code that uses thrift too. can I add this client code as a node in Node-RED? I mean what is the best way to run a c# script or a .dll inside a Node-RED flow that uses thrift for an HTTP connection to a server? is it possible with the exec node? or I should use libraries like edge?
the common way is using thrift to generate the required code in javascript for client part too and use these generated codes for communication with .Net server but is there any better approach for integrating Thrift and Node-RED?

Answer somewhat depends on what platform you are using for Node-RED. But in essence, as long as you have something like PowerShell installed on the server, you should be able to use the exec node to call a PowerShell script that accesses a .net dll.

There is also edge-js which is a node.js library for running .net