Node-red and influxDB

Hi, everyone, can someone help me,
i need do send my base64 data to influxdb and when i try to do it, i get the error " unsupported input type for mean aggregate: string "
Can someone help me, please.

What are you trying to achieve? You wouldn't normally send binary data to InfluxDB which is a timeseries database. Indeed it doesn't support such a datatype.

in my project I have 2 clients in which one has to take a photo and send it to the other client, this client receives a maximum of 10 photos and these 10 photos must be stored in a database.
this is my node-red project:

and the other client have a dashboard like this

Sorry, but InfluxDB is the wrong type of database for this use. As mentioned, it does not store binary data. It is used for statistical analysis of timeseries data. Great for analysing IoT sensor data over time. No use for storing photos I'm afraid.

what can i use instead ?

for example sqlite or mariadb/mysql.


Or even MQTT at a pinch.

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thank you all

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