Node-RED and Mopidy (with Snap)

Has anyone got Node-RED working with Mopidy?

I tried using, but I'm not sure how to actually get audio playing on my GH devices.

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What is GH devices???

Share a picture of the flow you have tried with so far

Do you have Mopidy installed somewhere?
Did you try the example flow the author provided?
seems to me you want to know how to connect Mopidy to your google home (??) device. Did you check if that is possile on the Mopidy website and ask how t do that on thier forum?

krambriw, GH is the Google Home speakers

zenofmud, I have Mopidy installed on Home Assistant as an Add On, and can connect to it thru node red to set the playlist info. I just can't see how to cast it/other to my GH.

I haven't found any info on Mopidy and Node-RED, aside from the module above.

I don’t use snap myself, try to keep everything as much out of containers than in them if I can. Did you ensure that you’re able to go in/out of the container that Snap makes in terms of networking traffic, and in terms of underlying hardware connecting?

nope, I guess that's somewhere I need to look into, thanks