Node-Red & Mopidy

Hey y'all,

I downloaded node-red-contrib-mopidy but I'm having no luck calling the method "tracklist.add". I am calling the method with the "uris" parameter (which is not deprecated), example: uris = ["spotify:track:4OafepJy2teCjYJbvFE60J"]

Anyone else with the same problem?

PS: in terms of integration, all the other nodes that I've tried are working fine (set volume, play, pause, clear tracklist, etc...).

-> Mopidy 3.1.1
-> Node-RED 8.1.2 (Home Assistant Add-on)
-> node-red-contrib-mopidy 2.0.2 (it's the latest version but lastly updated ~6 years ago :unamused:)

I was not able to play even a playlist, and I can't get support for this module. Maybe it is abandoned...

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