Mopiqtt: an MQTT integration for Mopidy

Hi all,

this is to inform you that I have just released first version of the package Mopiqtt, a Mopidy's integration to allow managing the music server through MQTT messages (based on mopidy-mqtt-NG, recently unmaintained).

Main features:

Sends information about Mopidy state on any change:

  • Playback status
  • Volume
  • Track description
  • Playlists list

Reacts to control commands:

  • Playback control
  • Tracklist control
  • Volume control
  • Load & play a playlist
  • Request playlists list

This package is mainly useful to Node Red users, who can embed in their flows a full control over Mopidy by simple mqtt-in or mqtt-out nodes. Of course, it can be used by any other MQTT client too.

The full commands set is shown Github's project webpage.

Few example flows in Node-Red (self explaining):

List, select and play a playlist:

A Dashboard example:


New version uploaded. See Changelog: GitHub - fmarzocca/Mopiqtt: MQTT interface for Mopidy music server

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