Node-red-contrib-sonos-plus (4.1.0) How can I play an imported Playlist

All my CDs have an RFID-Card inside. They are controlled(played) by the UID on the card. Every CD has its own playlist in a special folder on a NAS. The playlists looks like "14-18-170-209.m3u". Therefore the playlists URI is: //". The UID comes from MQTT an then the URI is created and handed over to the sonos-node to be played.
In the SONOS-App these playlist can be found under "imported playlist". I tried the example 2: Play a playlist using my Sonos from the red-node site. The only thind that happend is the text "error: mysonos.export.item - nodejs error - contact the developer" .

After the mysonos.export.item the debuggung message is:
mysonos.export.item:nodejs error - contact developer :: Details: {"stack":"Error: connect ENETUNREACH\n at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (net.js:1141:16)","message":"connect ENETUNREACH","code":"ENETUNREACH","config":{}}

The best way would be: call up the URI and the playlist is played. Is there anybody out there who can help me?

Regards Eberhard

I have to correct myself: i had forgotten to change the Config Node from Coordinator to my value . After doing this I reach a different error message:

mysonos.export.item: No title matching search string >>14-18-170-209.m3u :: Details: none


Hi Eberhard. Imported playlist show up in Music Library - right?

So you can use node "My Sonos" and command Library export the specified playlist. For payload (state) use 14-18-170-209. Then use "Universal" and command group play export

You can get a list of all (imported) playlists with Library get all playlists

Let me know whether that works for you.

Hi Henning,

it just a half hour away that I solved my problems. Let me tell you how.
The problem was, that the database is much greater then the 200 playlists as in "Imported Playlist" shown. Since yesterday I was working on solving this problem.

  1. The UID comes from mqtt as a dezimal number of the 32-bit word. This number has to converted into the format nnn-nnn-nnn-nnn. This is done.
  2. This number has to be built into the URI with "x-file-cifs://" + msg.payload + ".m3u". Also done.
  3. Three Universal-nodes makes the last steps: group.clear.queue, group.queue.uri and

Its a pitty, that I was too late and you hopefully spoiled not too much time for me. Tell me if I should post this flow.

Thank you very much.
Regards Eberhard

Its good to know, that there ist someone who helps in case of emergency.

Hi Eberhard. Yes - group.queue.uri is another solution.

In case you need further assistance (and you have a github account) you can open an issue at git repository. Then I will get a notification and can support you.

Have a nice day. Henning.

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