Problem getting better-sonos to add URL to playback

I have set up the node, and I can pause and start playback. But when I try to add a track (in my case a Norwegian web radio station, I get an error message:

Error: HTTP response code 500 for "urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:AVTransport:1#AddURIToQueue"

Does anybody know what the problem may be?

I'm not infront of my computer but I'm not sure you can add a Radio Station to the queue, I thought you have to play it immediately.
The Nodes authors were very good at getting back to me when I raised some queries with them (although I never used the node for playing radio stations.

Lykke til!

Nice touch, "lykke til". :slight_smile: But I have Direct Play as the mode.

Made me think that it is using the queue, where as for streams you need to play without queue.

What happens if you replace the nrk stream with

Same effect, only another error message:

Error: HTTP response code 500 for "urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:AVTransport:1#Seek"

Looks similar to this

If a reboot of your sonos doesnt fix the problem I’d open an issue against the node

Actually that's another Sonos node. I am using better-sonos. But I will try the other (original?) Sonos node and see if that helps.

Nope, the original node doesn't play anything, and it doesn't give an error message either.

I have added to the thread at Github, let's see if I get anywhere. :slight_smile:

Hi, it seems that the TuneIn radio id for that station is "s25534".
You can use node-red-contrib-sonos-plus, node: manage-radio and set the payload as "play_TuneIn" and the topic as "s25534".

You can also add it to My Favorites and activate from there.

I'm afraid that doesn't help me, for the system to work (I have a unified system running every speaker and amp in the house) I need to use the URLs. But I finally found a way, using Home Assistant.