Node-red-contrib-spotify - add track to user library problem

Hi I am trying unsucessfully add currently played song to user's library using node-red-contrib-spotify and API: addtomysavedtracks. I am passing the params like this:

var idsy = global.get("song_id")

msg.params = [idsy]
return msg;

obtaining in msg.params the array of ids of the songs that I want to add to library. In this case it is always one song with one id passed. The response from the spotify is:

error: "WebapiError: Bad Request"

I already tried other options of passing parameter but with no luck. Anybody succeeded?

I am also getting the same error trying to use the transferMyPlayback node. I am passing the device ID as a string in an array (I think). I wouldn't mind working on this together. When you place a debug node for the msg.params what do you see?

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