Node-Red and Xbee S2C

Hello guys

Does anyone have some experience with xbees connected to Node-Red?
I got a Xbee S2C that i want to use as Coordinator. Its Connected to my Rasp Pi Via USB.
My Plan is to read the data from my other Xbee (enddevice) and make a flow using the data.

Does anyone have some experience with node-red-contrib-xbee.

Can i just plug my Coordinator (Xbee S2C) via USB to my Pi and work with it?

But im not sure how to start.
I got the the xbee-node and the xbee-api already.
Any tipps for making my life easiert?

Yes. Use zigbee2mqtt and everything is simple MQTT operations.

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Do i need the CC2531 for zigbee2mqtt? Or can i use the Xbee device instead?

I know it works with CC2531 (I have one) but did you click that link? I get the impression from that page it works with Xbee

Yeah i saw the link.
I once tried to do zigbee2mqtt with the Xbee as coor. But somehow i did not work.
I will try again maybe i can bring it to work.

can someone explain to me how i can do that? Im complete new to this.

  • Build the following JSON object
  • Copy it to the msg.payload
    What does this mean?

As the help in that document says...

Alternatively, use a change node to build this object.
set msg.payload to JSON then copy/paste that code in

This is about as basic as node-red gets. If you dont understand that then you need to spend a little time playing and learning. I strongly recommend watching this playlist: Node-RED Essentials. The videos are done by the developers of node-red. They're nice & short and to the point. You will understand a whole lot more in about 1 hour. A small investment for a lot of gain.

PS, this node looks FAR more difficult than zigbee2mqtt - there is none of this to do when you get zigbee2mqtt running.

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Well i got my stuff running that way (Xbee S2C as coor).
ITs now connected to MQTT via xbmq (Xbee Mqtt Gateway) and i can read stuff thats happening on the Xbee.

Its not possible to pair a Xbee S2C with CC2531 and u cant use it as coordiantor in zigbee2mqtt too.
Many tried and they failed too. Digi-Forum says so too.
I saw somewhere that u can pair a Xbee 3 with zigbee2qtt as a router/device.

And thank u very much. For ur help.

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Well yeah. If any of u guys are interested in that just use the xbee-node and xbee-api-node. MQTT is overkill and makes the stuff way harder then it should be.

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