XBee collect data

Hi, i use XBee modules with breadboard on which i can connect sensors and i want to collect this data via Node-red. I saw this video, which use XBee with NR, but don't understand how to collect sensor data from the XBee. Any help?

So what have you tried?
A hint: look for and try with XBee nodes.
A second hint: Manage pallete...

I've try the video above, but i can't see all sethings in the video and can't meke all config's properly.
I try all XBee nodes in NR [Library - Node-RED] , but don't know how to make the right config's.

Please, any help?

I've notice, that in the video the debug node (which test the Xbee node) shows a couple parameters, that i can't see when i check my xbee with debug node.
Where can be the problem?

Hi, i try this example (xBee transmit and recieve (flow) - Node-RED) again and i've got this in the debug node, but i can't see the message ''Hello'', that supposed to come up (according to the example).

Any idea where is my mistake?

I actually use a PC with Windows 7, in which i connect Xbee

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