Hi All,


I've spoken briefly with Nick on the slack channel about an issue I've been having with making a PATCH request against a REST API using the ootb http node.

  • I have got a simple flow, comprising of a single function node declaring a small array as its msg.payload and also setting msg.method to PATCH. This then feeds the in of said http node.

  • I have two debug nodes which confirm whats going in is correct but return an error on whats coming out, attached showing input array on left, output error on right.


  • If I remove the msg.method from the function node and change the http node to GET instead of "set by msg.method" then I get the expected JSON dump from my API, so at a glance it seems like the error is method dependant.

  • Confusing matters, attached is a screenshot of postman running the PATCH request but from my workstation thus validating that my PATCH request works against the target API, thus implying there is something different happening within the http node in comparison to my postman client.

  • Looking at the Fiddler trace of postman on my workstation, nothing stands out as problematic for Node-RED.

  • Nick mentioned using but I've not looked at an alternative for this yet.

If anyone has any suggestions that can guide me, whilst I continue my troubleshooting it would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


Attached screenshot of postman


Please ignore this issue, I have now resolved it and put it down to user error.

What appears to have happened is that I was sending the input parameters via msg.headers in my function node rather than msg.payload, changing it over worked.