Patch function, assistance requested

Hello everyone.

I want to use node-red to PATCH (update) a row in baserow through API.. I'm able to retrieve row information using the HTTP-in and GET function no problem but editing a row with PATCH is where I fall down..

The HTTP-in or HTTP request doesn't allow for a PATCH function but does allow for a "set by msg.method" selection.. How or where do I initialize the "msg.method" variable? thus far I tried an inject node feeding a change node to set the msg.method to a string value of "PATCH" and then finally into an http-in node with my baserow url to make the change but nothing happens..

Am I on the right track with this or way off the mark here?

Any help would be appreciated.


Interesting. There's a few things that will help figure this out.

  1. What is your flow so far?
  2. What input are you giving/getting?
  3. What should the output be?

You'll want to have some kind of example for 2 and 3. That way anyone who helps can see what needs to be changed and what it needs to look like after it gets its change.

It's difficult to describe.. but here is the flow I have this far . Just keeping it simple with a manual trigger..

So the http request is setup as such...

The url is supposed to patch a value in base row given appropriate values in the link...

Hopefully this helps explain..

Thanks in advance.

So the http request is setup as such...

What version of node-red are you running ?

For authentication you can check the checkbox and use the method required

Hey bakman2.

The version I am using is 3.0.2..

The authentication is all good, I've added that in the header..

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