Node red AWS mqtt

Não estou conseguindo integrar o node red com a AWS por meio do MQTT, já tentei colocar o certificado no TSL, porém fica sempre tentando conectar, já tentei criar uma "coisa" diferente, mudar o certificado, porém não tive sucesso!

Hi @miqueiasjs , welcome to the forum. As this is a global forum it would be better to translate your question to English before posting.

Assuming the certificates are valid (and active) the most likely reason for not connecting to AWS IoT Core is lack of policy or policy not attached to the thing. I recommend you to review your config in AWS console.

Create policy

AWS IoT policies grant or deny access to AWS IoT resources such as things, thing shadows, and MQTT topics. A device or user can invoke AWS IoT operations only if they are granted the appropriate permissions.

Policy name

The policy's name must be unique in your AWS account and Region.

Policy document

When you create a policy, you create policy statements that grant or deny resources access to AWS IoT Core operations. You can create these statements by using the guided statement builder or entering them directly as JSON elements.

To apply the permissions that a policy grants or denies, you attach the policy to a target.

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