Node-red bacnet

I just found the node-red-contrib-bacnet and am testing it with a BACnet IP device. It works extremely well! 0.2.4.
just a few questions:

  • Is there any way to make the BACnet-read-node payload output on a BACnet COV instead of poll on an inject? I'd like the flow to react as soon as the value changes. BACnet provides for a COV subscription. What I don't know is if a BACnet read node can be subscribed to that way and if it can if it's payload can be triggered on a COV update.
  • I'm not sure if I understand the use of the "client" address under "device and Interface" or just "Device" on the command node. I can put anything in there and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Again We are exceeding impressed with node red and coming from the building automation world (professionally) can see a lot of potential use cases. BACnet is a common protocol in commercial building automation systems.

Thank you in advance.

Maybe these type of Q's would be best to address at the origin with the author, it seems also a node for monitoring the value using COV is on the issue list

If you search the forum about bacnet there is a few interesting posts. I have sent a private message with some details

COV not supported in Node-RED but is in underlying BACnet library. Also it isn't an Ashrae approved so fine for your own use but you might have issues trying to deploy in a commercial BMS/Automation network.

That would be a strong decision point to consider - not doing it - wait until it gets accepted and standardized. Otherwise I guess you could get into trouble in respect to interoperability

Don't think it's Klaus intent to get it certified

OK, I just thought, if it is a good idea, he could propose it to someone who is member in the BACnet steering committé or so or to someone in one of the work groups working with standardization. (I worked with Siemens before and I know one person in Building Automation that does these things)

But can you high lite what is so good with COV that is not provided by the current BACnet stack itself?

COV is in the underlying library node-bacnet just not surfaced in node-red Node

I believe the correct way is for the node-bacnet to be approved to a given PIC for example: BACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)

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