Node Red Chart node jumps to current date/time when it should not do so

I have historical data (say a day or two of data from two weeks ago) that I want to show in a node-red time series chart. I successfully read the data in and send it to the chart node. I see the chart being generated and scaled correctly on the dashboard. The chart scales correctly for the days worth of data that is displayed in the time series. Then at the end of the data, the chart "jumps" forward to the current date and time leaving the old time series "compressed" at the left hand side of the chart.

Is this a bug? How do I keep it from jumping forward to the current date/time when no data is given to the chart that contains the current date/time? I just want it to display the data I give it and scaled the x-axis accordingly. I'm willing to live with keeping only the most recent x hours or days as specified in the chart configuration.

So I figured out what was happening...Upon reaching the end-of-file on the file read was generating a message a empty payload. The empty payload was causing the chart object to jump to the current time. Solution was to insert a switch node that dropped the message with and empty payload.

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