Node Red chart / site is probably hanging on to many data?

I receive the weather data via RS485, these are received with Baud19200. I split the data string and display it in a chart. After a few hours, the chart or website UI freezes. Presumably this is due to too many data !?

I would like e.g. Record the weather data for a week (see example). Even an RBE node in between does not help.

Is there a solution for this?


In essence, if you push more data than there are pixels in the charts width, you are pushing too much data to chart.

put an RBE before EVERY chart

better still, compute hourly averages (or peaks) and use those for your charts.

1 week @ 1 point per hour == 168 points
1 week @ 1 point per 10m == 1008 points

Hello, i want to show the real data from the weatherstation from a week, for example the wind speed change it very fast so i will see the changed values in the chart!?
If there any other solution to optimate the graph?

What is changd if i set it to 1 week@1 point per 10m==1008 so i get 1008 values for one step in the chart?

use a smaller (10m) graph OR simply a gauge for high speed / often changing data

along side a chart showing averaged / slimmed down, long term data.

That should be ok, provided the browser is running on a PC rather than a Pi 3 for example. You can limit the rate to the chart by using a Delay node set to Rate Limit mode, 'For each message topic` and 'Send All Topics'. Then you can feed all the line data through one rate limit mode as it will limit independently for each topic.

Hello, the node red works on the Raspi4 4GB, i use UI on a normaly windows PC. Can you send me a example for your better version/ idea?

I don't understand, an example of what? All I am suggesting is to use a Delay node in rate limit mode to limit the rate the data is sent to the chart.

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