Node-RED choose dynamically data series to visualize in embedded Grafana plots

I use node-red to collect measurements data from several sensors. I store those values in an influxDB database (each sensor is saved as a different field, e.g. temperature 1, pressure1, humidity1, etc..) and plot in grafana. For each field I have defined a separate query in the grafana panel.
In the node-red dashboard I have embedded the grafana plot (panel) and I would like to have the possibility to dynamically chose from the dashboard which sensor (field) to plot, can be one, two, all, ideally with a drop down menu or check box.
With the toggle serie option in grafana I can isolate one serie in the visualization at the time, but not more than one, since all other series are then hidden in the visualization
I tried the multiple variable approach in grafana but the selection window does not appear when the grafana plot is embedded in the node-red dashboard.
Would it be possible to send from node-red a command to retrieve from the database some fields and plot only them? (sort of what is done to select which time range to visualize)
Or are there any other approaches?
Thanks a lot in advance for sour support.

If they are all on 1 chart, you can use your mouse to click on the legend to select a single series, use ctrl-click to select multiple.

I don't really see how without writing a Grafana extension to create an API.

Hi, thanks for the quick feedback.

Thanks, this works, but it's not so convenient with VNC on a mobile phone.

I might then need to try the Grafana extension way

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