Node-red-contrib-arp not filtering vol2

I had a problem with node Node-red-contrib-arp, which after installing ND v3.1.6 no longer works as it should.
When I put a MAC address in the node, there is no filtering on output.
According to the guide, the output can be filtered by the MAC address of the device:
It is possible to filter the results by MAC address in the node configuration, by providing MAC address.
However, after the ND update, filtering no longer works.
I uninstalled node and reinstalled it, but it didn't make a difference.
Since Node-red-contrib-arp has not been updated for a long time, it was recommended to use node node-red-contrib-device-monitor for example.
Unfortunately, this node doesn't work either, because the node doesn't even appear with a palette during installation (No addon on the palette · Issue #3 · software-bits/node-red-contrib-device-monitor · GitHub).
Has anyone experienced similar node behavior?
(Node-red-contrib-arp not filtering)

I'm using a Raspberry pi Zero 2 running Bookworm with Node Red v3.1.6 installed and have no issues with Node-Red-contrib-arp filtering a MAC address.

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