Node-red-contrib-doorbird-ultimate, Image work, video doesn't

I have a strange issue with the doorbird integration into my dashboard. Therefor I am using the node-red-contrib-doorbird-ultimate package. I have tried to open the video via http://IP_OF_MY_NODEREDINSTANDE/bha-api/video.cgi?http-user=####&http-password=#### it works well. Even the image.cgi works.

When using the video node inside my dashboard it doesn't work. The image node works. I use the same doorbird configuration for the image and video node.

I am running my node-red instance inside a docker image. I have opened UDP port 6524 and 35344.
How ever, the image is shown in my dashboard, the video not. I do not get any infos through the debug log output. Does anybody know what I am doing wrong?

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