Is this node working? I cannot send notifications and I get no error messages. I have tried both Server Key and Sender ID as FCM_SERVER_KEY environment variable. I use "to": "FCM registration token", which works when I send notifications from Firebase. I inject a msg.payload as JSON:
"to": "FCM registration token",
"notification": {
"title": "My title",
"body": "My body"

I am gratefful if anyone using this node successfully will give me some advice.

Best regards
Ola Lie

I found a workaround.

In node-RED when I deploy a fcm-push node, I get a red circle indicating an error with no description.

However, it works when I send a push notifications using the fcm-push package.

So, I made a function node in Node-Red doing the same thing, adding the fcm-push module under the setup tab.

Conclusion: I am not using Node-red-contrib-fcm-push-node

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