Node-red with firebase

why I cannot connect to firebase via node-red v2.0.5 in Debian google cloud service but I can connect to node-red v1.2.1 via IOT2040 siemens please help me.

Segmentation faults are almost always due to an invalid operation by a node that has native code.

Have you updated node js on a previously working node-red installation? If so, you would need to do an npm rebuild

More info:

now i downgrade node js to v 12.22.5 still not working


Did you do npm rebuild?

Which firebase node are you using? e.g. node-red-contrib.xxxxx?

List of firebase nodes

my node-red-contrib-firebase v1.1.1 and i install to cd /usr/lib/node_modules/ cannot get the function but install via pallet is get

That node is 3y, 8m old and has this in the readme...

See Firebase uncaught exception crashing my node red on v1.1.1 · Issue #28 · deldrid1/node-red-contrib-firebase · GitHub - unfortunately, this repo is no longer maintained and is known to not work with the latest versions of node-red / Firebase. Perhaps you can take up the cause - if you are up to the challenge and want to submit a complete PR or a new repo that wants to take this npm package name, please submit a PR or File a Pull Request and I will be happy to review.

I would look to use an alternative contrib node - one that is newer

ohh download in .zip and copy to my directory and install via directory right? let me try.

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