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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to run node-red on windows 10. whenever I try to fire-up node-red from cmd, I get a pop-up with the following error, "Node.js: Server-side JavaScript has stopped working". It wasn't the same always. Previously, node-red was working just fine on the same windows 10 device. I tried to use the firebase.on() node (node-red-contrib-firebase) to fetch data from firebase. It is after then I am getting this error. I tried to restart my PC, uninstall and re-install node-red and node.js, nothing worked. The same node works just fine on my Raspberry Pi. Kindly help me solve this issue.

Thanks in advance

Stop and restart node red in a terminal and post the log here, that may provide some clues.

So I did a bit of trial and error and found out that it's the node-red-contrib-firebase pallet is creating the issue. Whenever I am trying to provide the credentials to any of the nodes and deploy it, the error pops up and node-red stops after few seconds. It again starts working when I delete the credential and the node from the flow and deploy it.





What does the log say when you get the error?

It shows Nothing!
I tried it on 3 different machines and got the same result.

Is the output of the node connected to anything? If yes then disconnect it and try again.

Alternatively I notice that the node is saying "illegal combination of queries". If you configure it with a legal combination is it ok?

Finally, the response from the author to this issue is not very encouraging:

"Unfortunately, the version of the Firebase SDK used in this project is deprecated and no longer supported by Google (specifically the Auth restful endpoints I believe).
See the other issues - I don’t have the bandwidth or motivation at this time to do the necessary updates (I haven’t touched Node-Red or Firebase in a couple of years at this point).
Happy to review pull requests but otherwise I’m afraid you’re on your own for this one"

Basically that means the node is unusable in its current state. Even if it appears to be working in some conditions then at some point in the not too distant future it will stop.

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