NodeRed doesn’t start

I had installed node red and started the dashboard. Installed some Firebase modes and did some testing. When deploy, the server prompts connection has been lost.
Now my node-red can’t startup from the terminal. It exits to command prompt once it states started flow. I’m using Chrome. So I’m not able to enter the dashboard at all

Can you post a screenshot of your nod-red startup from the CLI?

Or even better copy/paste it here if possible.

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the help. Have pasted the start up from the CLI

Welcome to Node-RED

29 Nov 09:27:53 - [info] Node-RED version: v1.0.3
29 Nov 09:27:53 - [info] Node.js version: v12.13.1
29 Nov 09:27:53 - [info] Windows_NT 10.0.17134 x64 LE
29 Nov 09:27:54 - [info] Loading palette nodes
29 Nov 09:27:56 - [info] Settings file : \Users\SmartDevicesLab8.node-red\settings.js
29 Nov 09:27:56 - [info] Context store : 'default' [module=memory]
29 Nov 09:27:56 - [info] User directory : \Users\SmartDevicesLab8.node-red
29 Nov 09:27:56 - [warn] Projects disabled : editorTheme.projects.enabled=false
29 Nov 09:27:56 - [info] Flows file : \Users\SmartDevicesLab8.node-red\flows_LAPTOP-JVQHNN1U.json
29 Nov 09:27:56 - [info] Server now running at
29 Nov 09:27:56 - [warn]

Your flow credentials file is encrypted using a system-generated key.

If the system-generated key is lost for any reason, your credentials
file will not be recoverable, you will have to delete it and re-enter
your credentials.

You should set your own key using the 'credentialSecret' option in
your settings file. Node-RED will then re-encrypt your credentials
file using your chosen key the next time you deploy a change.

29 Nov 09:27:56 - [info] Starting flows
29 Nov 09:27:56 - [info] Started flows
PS C:\Users\User>

Hi, it seems that my firebase node is crashing my node-red. When I delete that node, all seems fine. I have logged the issue in github. But funny though, my raspian, windows are crashing but my Mac is fine. I can even push data into firebase.