Node Red and Firebase pallete

Hi, guys! I suddenly have got a problem in my node red with node red. I have set up my node red correctly, but now I can't get them operationally. It doesn't recognize the pallete Firebase (node-red-contrib-firebase). When I install it, it isn't recognized, I can't uninstall and when I try to use it, the node red fails and I can't get access anymore. Anybody could help me?

Hello and welcome.

Please start off with some specifications like what you are running Node-Red on, versions of Node-Red, etc.

Details like what changed from past (if any) setups.

And show us the actual errors you are getting.

Also, to give us more information, stop node red and start it again in a terminal. Post the output here. See this post for details of how to post logs and flows - How to share code or flow json

I'm using Node Red (IBM Cloud) and I would like to use Firebase module with Node Red (IBM Cloud), I should install node-red-contrib-firebase, instead of node-red-firebase, but the both aren't recognised, although I get to install them. When I try to unistall I get the error. Pls, take a look in the pics.

See the comment on the node's github page. The node no longer works. GitHub - deldrid1/node-red-contrib-firebase: Firebase nodes for Node-RED

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