Node-red-contrib-google upload image in google drive

Hello community!

I'm new to node-red and I'm exploring this powerful tool, recently discovering the node-red-contrib-google to perform requests in the google APIs, I'm mounting a request stream in the google drive API, but there are two things in this node that I can not understand and would like lots of help:

1 - When creating a service account at, all files I upload to Google Drive via the node ... are sent to a drive account that is not the same as mine mail from Gmail. I ask: How do I access Google Drive from this service account and view the files I uploaded?

2 - I need to upload an image, and looking at the documentation I only find shapes using NodeJs codes, but on the node-red I can only create codes with JavaScript. How can I make the node-red what is described in the nojejs-client documentation?

It would help to find a flow example of this node-red-contrib-google, I searched in several places, but I did not find it.

Thank you all.

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