How to send raspberry pi image to Google Drive using NodeRed?

Hi, I am taking pictures with my Pi Zero and NodeRed and would like to store them at Google Drive but are still to find a way to do that. So far I found no nodes with this capability.

Assistance welcome.

You could use an exec node, do a simple scp or cp command. You could use the file-in and file nodes to read the file and write out the file, setting the path and file names as applicable. How much experience do you have with Node Red?

Figure exec node would make the most straight forward method using the following Google drive CLI commands...

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Hi, thanks for your contribution, I am not a NodeRed or Linux above average user.
The final purpose of transferring images to my Google drive is to access them using a browser, ultimately a Google Script that will simulate a web page with the links to the images.

I succeeded to transfer images taken from a ESP32CAM microcontroller to Google Drive using a Google Script that not only transfers the image but extracts the image's URL (that does not use the file name as we see it on Google Drive but some sort of Google ID) and stores this URL in a Google Sheet that I subsequently access from my browser and can see the image.

The idea was to use Raspberry Pi instead of ESP32CAM because it is more powerful then the ESP32.
NodeRed has nodes to deal with the Google Sheet side but, so far, I found no way to make it interact with Google Scripts for the purpose of transferring pictures taken by the Pi camera.

My level of knowledge about NodeRed and Raspian makes me doubt I will be able to integrate them to the level of effectiveness and easy of use I got with the ESP32CAM using C++ that I am a lot more comfortable with.

If you are comfortable with C++, that is saying something. Linux OS, its CLI, and even Node Red, should be straight forward, if not easy, since you know some C++. Just take it in logical steps, and it will come together.

I would suggest you get some time with Pi OS, and Pi devices in general, maybe replicate a couple of GPIO based projects, just to learn a bit more about the Linux OS that Pi OS is based on. Doing this in NR gives you the benefit of learning NR as well as what is below NR.

I too had a history of C and C#, as well as many different scripting languages, but I came from MacOS 7, MS DOS, then various Windows versions, Windows server versions included, AD, then Linux, various distros, first RHEL based then later Debian... for Pi.

I have faith you can do this. :slight_smile: Just pick a point and start, every one here in this forum that I have met thus far is supportative and encouraging... they will not give your the solution for free, but help you earn it. Usually with a bit of humor along the way.


Thanks for the clues, will try that path.

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