Transfer image from local computer to node-red host computer

I have node-red hosted on a raspberry pi. I would like to able to move images from my laptop or desktop to the rpi via node-red. I've googled a fair bit but not found any solution. Is it possible, and if so how?

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Are you using the node red dashboard on the laptop? If so then you need to search for
upload files
in the forum, which will find a good number of hits. Upload is the term to use because what you want to do is to upload files from the PC to the node-red server.

I searched the forums for upload files and I couldn't find anything. The closest I could find was this post. And that thread ended with him not being able to transfer files either.

To me this seems like a problem which should be solveable. Why is it so hard?

Its only hard if you dont understand :wink: :wink: :wink:

There are several examples in the flows lib.

For example, this one gives you this...



I got it to work now. Thanks!

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