How to select a file from my client nodered

My nodered server is on a raspberry 4. I access it from a PC on my internal network. I would like to be able to select one (or more files) from my PC to be able to transfer them by ftp to the raspberry. I cannot find a flow capable of allowing me to select a file on my client computer.
Thank you for your help

Remember, the device node-red is running on is a server, your PC is a client. For the server to directly access a file on your PC, the node-red machine would have to have that voumne mounted and permission to read from it.

There is an FTP node so if your PC allows FTP access to it, you could try using that.

Thanks a lot for your answer, but it does not help me ! I already knew what you explained to me.
But I am pretty sure there is a way to select a file from my PC and then download it to raspberry via ftp, without mounting a volume.
Is there anyone who could help me ?

There is a demo flow in the flows library File upload example

No FTP required.

Any good for you?

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