NodeRed Raspberry Pi image upload to Google Drive

Hi, I have looked extensively but did not find a node to transfer an image taken with a Raspberry Pi camera to my Google Drive account.
Is there any way to do that?

What Google nodes have you looked at?

I typed "Google" at Manage Palette/install and looked into what every one of suggested packages do, even installed some with suggestive names but failed to find one that could transfer files to Google Drive.

I also searched the internet extensively but found nothing that does the job.
Naturally the chance I may have missed something is not zero.

Any help welcome.


I don't use Google if I can help it but this node uses the officially supported library and so likely does what you want:

Looks like it does...
Will try, thanks

I did install the node but as far as I understood it was designed to work with Google Claud because it requires an API key and this is something not required in Google Drive.

I will keep trying

You are looking at 2 different use cases. When you access GD via a browser directly, you are using direct authentication. When you write an app to access Google, you do so via an API which needs its own authorisation. That is the purpose of the API key - giving authorisation to your code to access the Google back-end.

For Node-RED to access Google services, you would either need authorisation via an API key or would need an intermediate app that had such authorisation.

OK, when I write code to access a Google Sheet or a Google Script first I have to make (the script or the Sheet) public and copy the given key for that specific entity (Sheet or Script in this case), are you saying that this key is the API key in case?

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