Thanks in advance, im trying to set up node-red-contrib-googlehome.
Firstly i will say what im trying to do, just encase this is not a suitable solution.
I want to display my thermometer from home assistant in the google home app.
I followed down the instruction with ease then suddenly i was totally lost its as if the instructions just stopped at the point i needed to make the flow. I imported the examle which seemed to be completly irrelevant for my task. So im at a loss, i either cant follow instructions or this bridge does not do what i want. Node-RED Google Assistant Bridge

As I said on Slack, I'll answer it there, when I get time.

Sorry i was able to create an account and raise my issue in slack but was not able to find it again. I used the search in slack but i could not find the correct room and when i used your link from the instructions it went to a slack home page. So i deleted my slack account and tried here.

Have you logged in and created created your device?

As it says in the instructions;

When using the Sensor device type, these can only be used as an output

Currently the Sensor supports 2 value types

Temperature (must be in celsius)
Humidity Percentage (must me an integer)
These can be updated independently or as a pair, the input msg should look something like

  topic: "",
  payload: {
    params: {
        temperatureAmbientCelsius: temp,
        humidityAmbientPercent: Math.round(humidity)

So you create the msg.topic and payload as shown, place a Google Home Response node in your flow and then fire it up and select your sensor. That is all there is to it. You should also install a filter node prior to the Google node to limit repeat outputs. I use msg.payload.params.temperatureAmbientCelsius with 'block unless change is greater than' 2%. Remember that Google does not actually show a temperature on the Home page, it will just respond it you ask the temperature.

I see that hardlib is going to respond on Slack but if you have deleted your account maybe this will help

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