Node-red-contrib-heater-controller problem

Hi not sure if anyone can help?

Used to use this controller before its update by inputting a targetValue into the controller thus allowing me to use Alexa to change heating thermostat, since the update it wants me to use this json but it fails with an error message of invalid topic?

{"topic" : "userConfig", "payload" : { "isLocked": true,"userTargetValue": 25.5, "isUserCustom": false } }`

but this is the json and topic taken from the instructions

not an expert by any means so any help would be appreciated
at present i am using the inject node to fire in this json

I would expect the node to want a JavaScript object, not a JSON string. Feed the message into a debug node and show us what you get in the debug pane. You can paste a screenshot here.

thanks colin i will but am at work now

here are the screenshots you asked for @Colin

thanks for your help

I don't know the node you are using, but I would have expected it to want msg.topic and msg.payload. You are setting up msg.payload.topic and msg.payload.payload.

Set the inject to have 2 entries.

Set msg.payload to JSON mode and set the value to { "isLocked": true,"userTargetValue": 25.5, "isUserCustom": false }

Set msg.topic to string mode and it's value to userConfig

great thanks @Steve-Mcl that fired correctly but is not changing userTargetValue to 25.5 but i can work on that. thanks for the help . this forum never fails to be helpful to us newbies :slight_smile:

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