Trying to set msg.payload.target_temperature_c

This is clearly a problem with my understanding, but I'm stumped!

I'm basically following the example in this node red documentation page, bottom of the section "Changing message properties", except I'm injecting a numerical value.

I am using a change node to 'copy' a value (i.e. msg.payload, received from an inject node) to msg.payload.target_temperature_c. However when I attach a debug node to output, it just shows the value I injected in msg.payload of the output, not in msg.payload.target_temperature_c.

End result: I want to be able to update my Nest thermostat with a value from a slider on dashboard... but this is the bit that's failing.

Here's my node. When I hit the inject button, I am hoping to see msg.payload.target_temperature_c as the value 19. (But I'm not)


I'm no expert here.
But the following observations might help.

After the inject node, msg.payload is a string.

In the change node, you act if msg.payload is an object. This seems to fail.

In my local test installation, I expanded your change node the following way:

  1. set msg.tmp to msg.payload
  2. delete msg.payload
  3. set msg.payload.target_whatever to msg.tmp

This did the trick. But it might not be the most efficient solution. Let's see what the more knowledgeable forum members have to say.

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Modify the Change node so that it Moves msg.payload To msg.payload.target_temperatue_c and it will work.

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That is correct - strings cannot have properties. JavaScript will let you set them but it will fail silently.

Rather than copy, you can configure the Change node to move msg.payload to msg.payload.target_temperature_c and it will work.

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Thanks all, that helped my understanding.

Aside: how can I post my node code here on this forum to display on a single line, as was done by @Colin?

you need to
start with three backtic's,
then on the next line put your flow,
then on the next line three more backtic's

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@zenofmud Many thanks!

In addition, if you want it to just take one line then when you export choose Compact down at the bottom right of the export window.