Node-red-contrib-i2c - node-red 1.02

I wanted to install node-red-contrib-i2c on Node-red 1.02 on Buster with no sucess. Got a long error list.
Any idea how to fix it or replace it with a working Node? Any help very much appreciated.

What version of node.js are you using?

Without seeing the errors, it is hard to help.

latest version. Updated today with your script on a fresh Raspi using Buster. I2C enabled.
Quite a very big error list :frowning:
Please see attached file.error list.txt (71.7 KB)

@juntiedt is correct it won't install on Buster with nodejs v12. Going to downgrade to v10 and confirm it is ok there.

I see there is an open issue on this. The issue has a workaround to install direct from github until it is released to the npm repo.
The other possibility is to roll back to nodejs V10.

Hi Colin, I installed it directly from github and it works! :slight_smile:
Many thanks to all for their support.