I2C Bus Nodes failed to install

i tried to install 2 nodes, node-red-contrib-ads1x15 and node-red-contrib-brads-i2c-nodes. Both failed with a long error list, attached at the end.
Both of them worked on Raspi 3. Now i made a image for my new Pi4 with all updates available.
Any instructions what to do? I'm not familiar with github as it is explained in another thread.

sorry, i tried to paste it directly here, but got an error message only two links allowed - so the link to the dropbox.
Is a 3 kB plain textfile

How did you install them ? via the gui or commandline ?

All via browser and gui.

tried it now from command line. Got a lot of messages

52 kB, plain text

Hmmm, that node hasn't been updated in over two years and several people have had problems installing it (see https://github.com/cinqueon/node-red-contrib-ads1x15/issues/7)

you might want to see if there is another node you can use...

I will try.
Thanks for the help!