Failed to install ncd-red-ads1115 in Node Red v2.0.6


Failed to install ncd-red-ads1115 in Node Red v2.0.6

Are running Node Red on two raspberry pi 4 one with Node Red version v2.0.5 and the other with v2.0.6

Only experience the problem with the v2.0.6 have tried to install with both Manage palette and npm.

Hope someone can help.

Great forum, learned a lot - thanks,

Are the two Pis using the same version of nodejs? Use node -v to find out. It won't install for me with nodejs 14.17.6 with what looks like an incompatibility with later version of nodejs.

I have submitted an issue against the node and an alternative node has been suggested there.

Colin, thanks for your fast reply.
The Pi failing is v14.18.0 and the Pi working v12.20.0
I will try with the suggested node, have however had some issues with timing when treeing some of them earlier, reason for using the ncd node.

You could drop the failing one back to 12, but that would not be a long term fix as at some point other new things you want to use would not work.

Another user, told me to install an older version of node.js to version 12 or older. the newer one does not work.

However, when i attempted to use this node the comm type selecter was blank. I could not select the i2c bus whatsoever.

I have no idea how to use the i2c contrib node either. So if someone can be of assistance please help me. as I am trying to use the mcp4725 module and the ncd nodes simply are not working for me.


That's what I said in the previous post.

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