I just wanted to ask if anyone has experience with this life360 node. There is no documentation provided.

Just wanted to check it is firstly safe and if I could pass location data onto worldmap.

I can't find that node can you provide a link?

my guess from the title is this one - :smiley:

Unfortunately zero info.

You could raise an issue on the github repo?

EDIT - no github repo linked in the NPM package.
but there is this - - looks the same - raise an issue about lack of built in documentation.

Eh? Why doesn't my search engine (bing) find that I wonder. Very odd.

Seriously, Bing - haha. hmmmm :thinking:

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I have been trying different ones and this is the first time it has failed in several weeks of use.

Link is here

Good idea about raising an issue. I have done so now.

Hello @grumpazoid and anyone else interested -

I'm a node-red neophyte - this is my first post here. I found this discussion by googling for instructions on how to use node-red-contrib-life.

It took me an hour or so, but I figured out how to use this. There are two nodes in node-red-conrib-life:

  1. A config node that needs your Life360 username/password
  2. A location node that outputs your location while you are outside of your Life360 "home" place. This node outputs every 15 seconds.

The output from the location node is in JSON and includes latitude and longitude. The output from the Life360 location node can be parsed through the JSON parser node, and provides location as:

msg.payload.location.latitude and

These can be used in any desired manner. I used the change node to convert them into "" and "msg.location.lon" to feed to a geofence node..

Setting the "home" place in the Life360 app to be smaller than the layers defined as "only points inside" or "only points outside" in node-red-node-geofence makes it easy to set home/away presence in Node-RED using Life360.

Because this life360 node sends updates every 15 seconds, if one only desires to set home/away, it is a good idea to pass the output of the geofence node through an rbe node.

Hope this helps someone. Happy to post my sequence if necessary.

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