Life360 with node-red

Hi all,

are there some people who have setup a life360 presence detection with node-red.
I only see some forums with home-assistent but not with node-red.

my second question if some people have setup life360 within node-red how did you do it?

The quickest and simplest way is to set up IFTTT integration with Life360 and then set up IFTTT to Node-RED.

i have done that. the problem with IFTTT is that it is not that reliable for presence detection.
At some times there is some delay between 15 and 30 minutes. before IFTTT triggers the action.
i hoped someone did this already without depending on IFTTT.

Yes, 15min is usually the minimum update.

Does Life360 integrate with anything else on the phone? What phones are you using it on. On Android for example, you will have a lot more options for integration than iOS.

I use it on both devices android and IOS.
i only have integrated it with IFTTT.
You mean like intergration with Smartthings??

at the moment i have openhab for home automation. is have seen some forums about life360 with home assistant where people did use life360 intergration with home assistant (Life360 mqtt home assistant) so i thought/ assumed this should also have to work with node-red with some python or shell script.

I have already tried to use the scripts that where used for home assistant, but as i am not that good with scripting i didn't figured it out to make it work with node-red.
It was to much home assistant based if you know what i mean.

You can setup with Home Assistant (HA), then link HA to Node-Red with packages, then access the Life360 objects tracked in HA. If you don't use HA for anything else, maybe a bit overkill, but you can run HA and Node-Red in Docker containers easily so not like you would use up much resources going this route.

You mean in Nodered install home assistant pallet?
I am not using Home assistant but use Openhab at the moment.