Node-red-contrib-mdashboard dropdown display and update issue

Hello, I seem to be having issues using the mdashboard. I am needing multi instance dashboard so this module is perfect for me, however when I use the mdashboard dropdown node, the array I send using msg.options does not display. I was checking the ui_dropdown.html and worked out that if you change the appendTo(row) to appendTo(row2) the data starts showing up. However, if I then send a new msg.options the dropdown does not update until I refresh the page. I am not really a coder, and amazed that I got this far. If anyone could help me with this I would really appreciate it. Here is the full line of code for reference that is in the mdashboard node folder 'ui_dropdown.html'.

var valueField = $('').attr({class:"node-input-option-value",type:"text",style:"margin-left:7px; width:calc(50% - 32px);", placeholder: 'Value',value:option.value}).appendTo(row2).typedInput({default:option.type||'str',types:['str','num','bool']});

I do not believe that mdashboard has been supported for a long time I'm afraid.

If I find a solution to this issue, who would update the repo or would I take a branch of it? I am still learning how all this git hub stuff works.

You should reach out to the author of the repo first.

If the original author has lost interest or moved on and they don't respond then you've not much choice but to clone it can create something new from it.

However, while this is an open source world and you are, of course, free to do what you like, I would personally caution against creating a new package unless you are prepared to support and develop it. We, as a community, have enough abandoned nodes and really don't want any more I don't believe. Doing 1 fix on an otherwise abandoned node does not feel like a useful community contribution.

Just my thoughts though.

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