Node-red-contrib-mssql-plus: "invalid column type..."

Hi @Steve-Mcl, I must be doing something stupid, but getting message: "Invalid column type from bcp client for colid 2. I got another bult upload working - so do not understand the issue on colid 2 - Customer nvarchar(20). But before I bug others to add my flow, hopefully the forum can point me a bit...

Below is the bulk upload config, and the inbound message.

Screenshot 2021-06-24 at 20.02.11

Column 2 - would be the field "Customer".

Data set below:

"Client 2 - Operations Planning",
"Client 2",
"Country Y",
"Sales Person 1",
"Company Z",
"Project Mgr 1",
"Project Type 2"]]

I am looking into diff with char, nvarchar, etc. Let me look into this first.

Have you resolved this?

Yes thank you, sorry to bug you, needs a fair amount of fiddling and ensuring columns are correct. Not you,..., me.

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