Node-red-contrib-opc-da Help

Dear node-red Experts,

Does anybody uses this node? I am having trouble using it.
It makes my node-red server crash.

I have MatrikonOPC Simulation installed on my local computer where node-red also residing on it. So here is my setup, I don't know what to put on the Domain since this is not manage by domain controller. So I just put WORKGROUP, I don't know if this is right. Can somebody tells me, what is wrong with my configurations?

and here is the error I get after I deployed:

PS: I definitely sure that OPC simulation server is running since I tried to use OPC Explorer Client to test it and I get values.

Hope you guys, can help me.

Thank you !


First place I'd start is check the open and closed issues on the github repo

If ...

  • you are certain your settings are correct
  • and you have checked your node-red console for any clues
  • and you believe it to be an issue of the node

... post a new issue

Thank you Steve,

Will try this. unfortunately upon research on internet, I can't find any person who have successfully used this node. I was just hoping that at least one can say that this node is working well :frowning:

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