[Announce] node-red-contrib-opc-da

After almost 5 months of development we finally released the first version of the OPC-DA Node :partying_face::partying_face:.
This node was created by Smart-Tech as part of the ST-One project.
At the moment it is only possible to read OPC tags, and it works pretty similar to the other nodes like Siemens S7, Allen Bradley/Rockwell Ethernet IP and Allen Bradley PCCC

Feedback and example projects are very welcome.


I'm testing it on my Windows 10 system reading tags from a Windows 7 machine with Kepware OPC Server. There are some kinks. The configuration page setting the CLSID and ProgID will accept the manually keyed entries, but when you go back to look at it after you've saved it, they are blank. :unamused:

Thanks, we will have a look on that.
By the way, can you post here what is the default Kepware OPC Server CLSID, so that we can add this option too.

Well done guys!
Dare I ask, would this node work for us users running node-red on Raspberry Pis?

I know at one time there were limitations to using OPC-DA on Linux machines.

Greetings, thank your for your report.

Which version of this node are you running? This bug was supposed to be fixed already.

Yes, the idea is to allow the use of OPC-DA on any machine running Node-RED. Please give it a try and feel free to report to us with any bug or suggestions you might have.

Judging from the port layout on their DIN mounted device, I suspect it just might...

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This is the older version. There is also V6, But I don't have that yet. I googled V5 to find that string.

Yes, by definition OPC-DA is a WINDOWS thing. It's because of DCOM and that is Windows.
OPC-UA, (Unified Architecture) does not rely on DCOM, it uses Certificates. That's what makes it possible for Linux to use OPC-UA.

You are right, but you can now run our OPC-DA node on Linux because, before implementing the node-red-contrib-opc-da, we had to implement the node-dcom, that allow us to communicate through DCOM in any system that supports NodeJS.
OPC-DA is no longer a "Windows Only" thing now :grinning:

OK, Things are getting better at a much faster pace! Kudos to you guys for compatibility for us old tech guys.

you Smart-Tech guys are awesome.:heart_eyes:

When should we expect to see OPC-DA Out?


This we cannot promise in a short term.
This protocol development was sponsored by one of our Customers here in Brazil and he is interested in the reading process only.
The "out" node is not even in the road map at the moment, so the only way is to wait for the community to help us, which is very welcome since it's an open source project.

Well OK then. :sob: