PROBLEM "2147549457 - Unknown error!" in node node-red-contrib-opc-da

Hello good morning I am trying to connect my OPC DA server, I have the Simulator and Historian running connected in Explorer as you can see in the image, when I see the data in explore it confirms that if my server is fine then at the moment I want to link it with it node node-red-contrib-opc-da, because it sends me the title error, before it appeared to me that the username and password were wrong, well I had to configure DCOMM like this on the Matrikon page, I still have the problem, some solution? I would be very grateful.

(This isn't help as such, but a suggestion)

It is not easy to read the log/messages this way.

Could you copy the text from the screen and post it as text?
(Lot easier to read)

Also before posting the text format it so it is easier to read.
By that I mean click the </> button at the top of the screen/window where you are typing when posting.

Is there a particular reason you are using DA instead of UA? DA is a Windows only ole/ dcom nightmare.

Do you have the opportunity to use MQTT? It is far easier.

hello, thanks for your answers, well, let me tell you that this application is for PLC, I have a DCS, where it has a software called OpenPcs7, which allows me to obtain data from the PLC to a server, this case is OpcDA, since the PLC I have it only accepts that server, it does not accept OpcUa, doing tests I realized that it is a headache, until now I have not been able to communicate, any suggestion of another way to obtain data from the OpcDa to nodered?

[error] [opd-da server:7abf5fdb8ce6edf7] Trying to reconnect...
[warn] [opc-da server:7abf5fdb8ce6edf7] 2147549457 - Unknown error

Out of curiosity, is this a physical (hardware / traditional) PLC or a software (PC based) PLC?

A quick search is not clear however there is mention of OPC-UA - perhaps you are running an old version of this OpenPcs7 software?

If you are certain you have the correct CLSID and are certain there are no firewalls or DCOM issues your only option might be to use a DA to UA convertor (there are a few e.g. like this one) - BUT - that is yet another layer / additional failure point. In my (25y+) experience of OPC failures are pretty much guaranteed on a monthly basis. If you can live with the occasional fall over of OPC, it may be a valid solution for you.

Final thoughts...

  • As this is Siemens, is there a chance it supports S7 protocol? If yes, then there are S7 nodes to permit direct communication from Node-RED to S7
  • Does this OpenPcs7 support Modbus connectivity? If yes then there are modbus nodes to permit direct communication from Node-RED to modbus

It is exactly a plc s7 400, the software used to program this PLC has a version that does not support OpcUA, to be able to use it we have to update the software, but we would have to do a complete migration of the entire automation system, approximately 6 months of programming, good option of opc DA to UA converter, I will take it into account, but is there still a solution to that problem with the network node?, for the moment I am only using Matrikon OPC Simualtion Server, the CLID is correct, firewall disabled, but I still have problems, so that the user and password problem does not appear, I have to configure DCOMM.

If the PLC is an S7 then just use the S7 nodes and communicate directly to the PLC. Skip the problematic OPC altogether.

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