Opc - da xml client

Hi, does anyone know a way to connect with OPC DA server.
I have XML file and trying to use node-red-contrib-opc-da, but no success.
Could you provide some suggestions.

Thank you in advance!

To connect to an OPC-DA Server all you have to do is to configure the IP address, user and password of the server inside the configuration node. Can you describe what exactly is going on, can you also post some screenshots, error logs or flow files?
By the way, what exactly do you mean by "I have XML file"? What is inside this XML file? Where is it come from? What is your intention with this file?

Thank you very much for your help.
I am using commercial scada system. I have a opc client (windows app) that works and obtain data from the server, but my goal is to get this data in raspberry pi, so this is the reason for trying to achieve this via node red.
The opc client works after importing the xml file with data in it (i am sending the code in it).

I tried to use node-red-contrib-opc-da, but the node configuration have domain,progId and Clsid fields as well as ip, user name and pass and i am little bit confused.

data_xml_file.pdf (226.6 KB)

Thank you in advance!

Ok, let's go step by step:
This XML is probably an "export" from the software running on your Windows and probably it will work only there in this software. This is useless for the Node-red OPC-DA Node (and most probably all other softwares that communicate via OPC-DA)
As you mentioned, you will need to configure:

  • IP Address
  • progId
  • Clsid
  • user
  • pass

Have you tried getting this information from the OPC server? I saw, some IP addresses (like "") in the XML but I'm not sure if it's the ip address of the server. You will need to investigate and find this information to setup the communication and start getting data

Yes, i tried but i need the ClsId of the server. This server is on remote machine, not on my pc

Can you access the server? or get someone to access it for you?

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