Node-red-contrib-play-sound volume control


is there a way to adjust node-red-contrib-play-sound volume levels from dashboard?

not according to them, from their github MattVador/node-red-contrib-play-sound: Node-RED node for play sound (

start (or empty): Start playing
stop: Stop all sound playing
pause: Pause all sound playing
resume: Resume all sound playing
The PlaySound node comprises the following options:

audioURI: File name or url to play - If empty, then the one in dialog is used
options: Options - If empty, then the one in dialog is used

Not directly, but there is an approach to changing the system volume on a Raspberry Pi, if that leads in a useful direction for you?


Take a look at this project I did awhile ago.

I used a dashboard silder to send the volume via an exec node to amixer on the Pi.

You could try that out.


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