Node-red-contrib-proxmox - need a starting point

Hi all,
is anyone here using the node-red-contrib-proxmox to collect API information from a Server running Proxmox?

I am trying to setup some kind of montioring (getting basic information such as Disk usage, uptime, etc.) but it seems that I am missing some basic information on how to set this up...

This is my Server configuration:

And this is the current flow I wanted to create.

Basically, I just wanted to start with some random information on the different LXC that are available on the host... but it does only show "connected".
If I deploy the flow, the debug node does not show any return... and I am pretty sure, that I've forgot to add a trigger or similar.

When I am running the Request in Postman, the server does return the following information:

But for doing this, I had to save / create a cookie with some authentication tokens in the software.
I am not sure, if this might be required somehow in NodeRed, too...

Does anybody have some more information for me?

Thanks and with best regards,

[Disclaimer - I know nothing about proxmox so this is all I can give you]

  1. The node hasn't been updated since June of 2017
  2. You might want to look at the issues for the node on github, there is one talking about authorization

Good Luck.

Hi, thanks a lot!
OK, it seems, that there are some topics that could indicate, that the node isn't working anymore with recent versions of proxmox... but it does also tell, that a dedicated proxmox node isn't really required anymore...

I will try to set it up somehow different then.

Hi there,

I've managed to get the contrib running - and it is working so far :slight_smile:
Maybe, it is helfpull for someone else, so I will share what did the trick :slight_smile:

  1. The "Path" in the Node Configuration should not contain the complete path /api2/json/ like in the screenshot (topic start)

  2. to trigger the request, a simple "inject" was missing...

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