Node-red-contrib-smartmeter 0.3.1 - Hardware

Hey Guys,

I want to build my own smart meter for power consumption from one device. I found the node-red-contrib-smartmeter 0.3.1 and wanted to know with which components this works.
Here is the selection I made and would like to know if this is possible as I imagined.

and the communication between the electricity meter and the Raspberry should be done via

I am new with Node-Red. I hope someone can help me.

Thanks in Advance.

Do you need a meter with a display since you are connecting it to node-red? If not then you could do it much cheaper with something like a PZEM 016 and a cheap rs485 usb adaptor (I don't know why the one you show is so expensive). For example RS485 Power Factor Meter Energy Frequency Accurate Modbus Module Voltage Current | eBay.

I find this works extremely well, I have it monitoring my home electricity usage and storing the power usage every second to influx, then drawing charts with Grafana showing usage and costs.

If that is not suitable, however, then which parts of the problem do you not know how to do?
If you are an absolute beginner with node-red then I suggest watching the node-red essentials videos.

thank you for the quick reply. :slight_smile:
It should have a display, because I would like to monitor the whole thing from the beginning, independent of Node-Red. Does it matter which brand of SmartMeter you use as long as there is a RS485 interface or is there more to consider about?
I have already done something with Node-Red 2-3 years ago, but only small gimmicks. I have also already installed the node from the SmartMeter, unfortunately I still have a hard time filling in the parameters. Do you know where I can find explanations or examples for this node? Or a complete project for the SmartMeter?

Additional: I want to write the data of the Smart Meter in a csv-file

Sorry, I don't know much about that node (or meters). I suggest raising an issue on the node's github page asking those questions if no-one here is able to help.

Let me suggest a different approach. I have 3 of these and the capabilities and options are amazing.

And yet another suggestion... :grinning: A colleague of mine uses this one:

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