Node-red-contrib-sonos-plus monitor track being played

Hi @hklages, I was wondering if I could monitor which track is being played on a particular sonos (S1). My kids typically are playing story CD's from the music library in the evening. And we typically switch to Radio in the morning.
Problem every evening is to find out which track they were playing last evening. CD is still in the history, but not the track. It would be easy if I could monitor this with node red.

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There is a sister package events.
This enables to subscribe to your specific player and choose the event type AV Transport content should provide a lot of information including the track.

Description is here and apart from msg.payload there is msg.raw object with even more infos

Option 2: In sonos-plus use group.get.trackplus in and pull every minute/..

Please try and let me know whether that works for you.

Ok thank you, sounds perfect. I will give it a try.

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