Hello !
Just published node-red-contrib-streamdeck which allows you to get keys and set images dynamically on your Stream Deck devices.

Next version will also support multiple Stream Deck units !

Feedback welcome !


I'm trying to build Streamdeck into my node red.
It works.
When I put a key on a debug outlet, the key press is shown once in the debug window.
After each "Deploy" the number of debug displays increases, more and more identical telegrams are sent.
Can anyone confirm this problem?
Maybe it is also a problem from my Node-Red installation?
Best regards, Axel

Hi Axel, it’s a known issue I will have look soon !
Also is this by doing a full deploy or a partial deploy ?

Thank you for the fast answer!
The number of telegrams is only increased with a "full deploy"!
If I delete the connection between "Streamdeck Node" and "Debug", the number of telegrams is not increased, but the telegrams still come via the debug node that is not connected.
For me this means that the old connections are not removed when deploying, only new connections are added.

Best regards, Axel

If you delete the "Streamdeck node" and then restart Node-Red, the increased telegrams are gone!

With regards, Axel

Hi Axel, I just tested and on my machine I couldn't not reproduce the issue.
Can you post more details about your setup ?
Node-RED version :
Node.js version:

An flow example of the problem would help too.

Hello, thanks for the answer.
At the moment I have little time, but tomorrow I will look for the versions and send them to you.
Best regards, Axel

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