Node-red-contrib-suncron bug?

On the config of the node there is a box "emit preceding event on startup" that I would think in the event of a redeploy or on Pi power up would send a message. This does not appear to be the case. If the author happens by sometime perhaps they could explain what it is supposed to do?

If you think it is a bug in Suncron, or you need help, it you would probably be better to report it to/ask the Developer.

On github? How do I find that info?
Never mind, found info

Apparently git hub has a grudge against me as it refuses to let me post there. Hopefully the author shows up here some day. There is some discussion about this same topic on git hub but I'd love to put my 2 cents in.

worst case you could email him directly - by running - 'npm owner ls node-red-contrib-suncron'
but yes github should work really.

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